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브리티시컬럼비아에서 번영하는 청정 기술

British Columbia (B.C.) actively embraces a supportive and environmentally oriented business community that many clean technology businesses call home. As an industry leader, B.C. was ranked among the top ten clean tech sectors globally. This recognition can be largely accredited to B.C.’s wide access to renewable resources, high-quality program offerings, and strong connections in the global marketplace. Business leaders can benefit from B.C.’s natural resources and healthy business environment when working to develop new and innovative ideas. Discover how different businesses are succeeding at implementing cutting edge clean technologies in British Columbia.

Cape Scott wind farms

Acuva Technologies Inc.

Founded in 2014, Acuva Technologies Inc. is based in Burnaby, B.C. Acuva uses UV-LED technology to build water filtration systems that eliminate waterborne diseases. Since its creation, Acuva has expanded to also produce surface disinfection technology. With disinfection rates up to 99.9999% effective, Acuva provides users with an impressive, chemical-free water treatment derived from sustainable resources (UV-LED). Many customers integrate Acuva’s technology into various home appliances to purify drinking water. Other may also take advantage of Acuva’s compact and convenient water filtration technology when partaking in off-the-grid travels. With the support of funding and grants, Acuva has raised several millions of dollars towards its mission of enhancing the overall quality of life in as many locations as possible around the world through the provision of safe drinking water. This funding included a one-million-dollar grant from Genome B.C.’s Industry Innovation Program in 2019. Through the implementation of technology to improve social and environmental well-being, Acuva is redefining the way that businesses operate to maximize the use of clean and renewable resources.

Origen Air Systems Ltd.

Origen Air Systems Ltd. was founded in 2019 as a Victoria-based start-up company. Today, as a well-established business, Origen Air has been recognized by a number of reputable sources including winning the title in Douglas Magazine’s 2022 Top 10 to Watch and being nominated for Foresight Canada’s Most Investible Companies in 2021. Origen Air produces indoor air purifiers that use nature as their central tool. These air purifiers consist of bio-engineered plants that work alongside IoT (Internet of Things) technology to develop commercial grade air purifying systems that enhance the overall health and productivity in a workplace by improving the air quality. By removing particle matter from the air through a four-stage filtering process, the air purifiers restore air quality while decreasing CO2 and airborne toxin levels in indoor spaces. Origen Air has been publicly acknowledged by Alacrity Cleantech for its innovative use of plant technology and the health benefits associated with its products. Additionally, the Council of Innovators Canada has welcomed Origen Air to its Innovation Governance Program which provides business leaders with the skills to succeed as a high growth company facing modern governance challenges. Origen Air will also be featured on the 2022 season of Dragons Den Canada where it will be presenting The Pinnacle: one of its two air purifier models.

Nano One Materials Corp.

Nano One Materials Corp. is a Vancouver-based business, founded in 2011, that manufactures cathode materials used in lithium batteries. With global partnerships and a focus on improving the cost and performance of these materials, Nano One has developed a patented industrial process that streamlines production processes and reduces all associated costs. In return, Nano One can create cathode powders with a better performance and lower selling price than standard production processes allow. With its cost-effective and long-lasting cathode powders, Nano One can increase the lifespan of lithium batteries. In 2021, Nano One received a grant from CleanBC worth over three million dollars to support the technological advancement of its materials used in electric vehicle batteries. This grant will support the CleanBC Roadmap to 2030 goal to increase the portion of electric vehicles driven in B.C. Additionally, Nano One’s mission to make a positive global impact aligns with the Clean BC Go Electric Program. This program offers a variety of rebates and funding initiatives to users of zero-emission vehicles to assist in reducing B.C.’s carbon footprint.

These three businesses, alongside many others, are making strides to advance British Columbia’s rapidly evolving clean tech industry. Learn more about B.C.’s current and upcoming environmental initiatives at CleanBC. Stay updated on future success stories by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.